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Delicious PEI Half Lobsters

We photographed some fabulous half lobsters last week for Royal Star Foods. These wild caught half lobsters come with either the claw and knuckle meat in the body cavity, or with an empty cavity so the chef can create something delicious to fill it with. Beautiful for presentation and it’s a great idea because it’s very…

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Loving the Dark Light

Lately I’m loving the dark light. It’s so moody and reminds me of artsy still life paintings. So I had some fun with light the other day. The Prince Edward Island winters are so grey for so long it would probably drive most people insane, but I love the great diffused light it makes. I had…

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Beautiful PEI Crafts, Art & Giftware

The PEI Crafts, Art & Giftware Buyers’ Market is a wholesale show and a PEI Crafts Council initiative. I love this gig; being in the studio and stylizing shots of such creative products is always fun. The booklet is designed by my peeps at TechnoMedia and always looks so great. This year, we decided to go with a…

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Personalized Pet Pillow Cushion Covers

Beautiful pet pillows. This year we lost two of our family pets. During a marketing strategy meeting with my friend Leigh Anne Matthews of Ella’s Cottage, I had an epiphany; pet pillows. Leigh Anne is a talented interior decorator and seamstress and I wanted her to make something special in memory of our dog Charlotte….

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